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2024 Ohio Marion County Fair

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Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Veterans Memorial Coliseum

Veterans Memorial Coliseum located on the Marion County Fairgounds is a modern environment that’s right for showcasing your meeting, concert, sporting event, convention, and other activities

Inside Winter Storage Rental
Storage Facilities at the Ohio Marion County Fairgrounds

Storage for all your large items. Inside storage for boats, motor-homes, campers, vehicles, farm equipment, and just about anything else you want. We have plenty of room for the largest things.

Rent & Host Your Events!
Host Your Events at the Ohio Marion County Fairgrounds

Renting For Major Events. We host a wide variety of events inside and out including livestock shows, dog shows, auctions, wrestling, circus, motorsports, weddings, meetings, and reunions.

Ohio Marion County Fairgrounds

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at the 2024 County Fair
July 1, 7-9pm,
23 South Bound,
in the Coliseum
July 2, 7-9pm,
Sneaky Pete,
in the Grandstand
July 3, 7-9pm,
Left of Center,
in the Coliseum